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About psixx
Although Psixx is a Chinese website, operation is very easy. Even if you don’t know Chinese , you can have access to it and carry out the operation.
Now we will tell you how to become VIP of psixx and the privileges of VIP.
Steps: The net friends abroad need to send your paypal account to
[email protected] after you finish online payment through paypal. After checking it, we will open your VIP account . The user name and password will be sent to your email. You can login your account with the help of the following diagram.



The privileges of VIP:
1. You can enjoy HD video. What the common net friends can see is the screenshots of the films. You can watch them if you become VIP. There are thousands of films updated daily.
2. You can enter the hidder video area, where you can see more wonderful video films. There are thousands of films updated daily.
3. You can browse all the pictures in the website. Those who are not VIP can only see the pictures on the first page.
4. You can browse the unique HD cartoon. You can see all you what to see in this website.
5. Download sets of pictures. You can save the pictures that you like, the original size, no watermark,  The number of p in the title refers to the number of the pictures you can download in the set.
6. The paid columns to be opened up.

Payment English description

Or they may be by means of PayPal payment--Payment through paypal:Log in your account in paypal and the payee's email code number 

$ 70.00 Lifetime VIP, can be used permanently

E-mail after payment Contact Customer Service opening VIP.

Video area of the site classification.

One district, the integrated video area, gathered here this site original, high-quality video of the other included beauty beauty of silk legs.

Second District, instant video area, the same day the day of the shooting video. Second District issued only site of original works. The videos are high-quality high-definition video.

Third District, featured video area, carefully selected high-quality video and video are high-quality high-definition video.

The show video area Dian here released the the HD show video, HD legs MV, variety type video.

The hidden video area, the area ordinary visitors can not access, high-speed online play or high-speed Thunderbolt download. Featured Meisi beauty video updated daily.

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The following is a description of each partition.